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Choosing the right IT vendor is difficult. Most seek to sell broader and more expensive packages than are needed and their solutions might be unproven in your particular environment. Often vendors also try to reduce their ongoing responsibility for the solutions they supply.Many such problems can be avoided if good terms of reference are properly framed at the initial IT RFP stage.

CloudTalent's integrated IT RFP approach

Our ten years of comprehensive RFP experience allows us to ensure that engineering requirements, guiding principles and long term vision come together in harmony. We cut through the marketing hype and assess which components are both proven and suitable. We ensure RFP / RFI processes are tightly focussed on your individual needs and integrated with the eventual supply contract ensuring that subsequent solutions are properly underwritten by the final suppliers.

  • Having a clear view of what fits best reduces risk.
  • Selective purchasing reduces costs by 20 to 40%.
  • We encourage a sense of collaboration between stakeholders and vendors.
  • Our process is quicker and cheaper than doing it in house.