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About Us
How do we work

We work with the costumers in a triangle that enables BizGain Consult to analyze the problems make the solution and implement the change quickly by providing measurable value.

1- Framing the problem

BizGain Consult analyze the problems in the short time and make a strategy for future mode of operation and accurate business case.

2- Decision-making & preparation

Capability assessment, realistic transformantion blue print, proven RFI/RFP process for vendor selection and operational readiness assessment (ORA) are strategy that ensure the implementation and solid robust foundation.

3- Execution

We take responsibility for implementing transformation projects that helps clients to ensure that projects are successfully implemented. We operate across all the market sectors from Global 500 to AIM listed companies and public sector organizations.

Closing the execution gap

BizGain Consult is proven to be the best consultancy and services providing organization that focuses on minimizing the gap between external and internal factors that lead to the problems in implementing the IT change and getting things done. We help customers quickly so that they can influence their organizations as well as suppliers in driving out cost improving services and avoid technology drawbacks.

How we do differently

From many years BizGain Consult has developed a confirmed method for providing IT transformation. Its very simple practical process that focuses on change and a solid devotion to a pre-define business case:

  • We frame, enable and implement transformation projects.
  • We make things simple.
  • We link the gap between IT operations and finance that helps to pass the plans through financial scrutiny.
  • We connect with the stakeholders without wasting their time.
  • We make realistic and independent view of vendor and outsource offers.
  • Our long real life experience is a proof of our strong and broad industrial knowledge.
  • We understand the reality of the detail.