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Coaching & Training

Coaching is all about maximizing your potential. Setting yourself goals and targets and achieving them in the most efficient way possible. Imagine your chosen goal is to reach the top of a mountain. You set off alone, not thinking you need a guide. You meander here and there, distracted by the view, by the flora and fauna. After a while you realise you’ve lost your way, you’re off the beaten track, you’ve spent ages not getting very far. You spy a guide, and ask him to lead you to the peak. He checks you have everything for the journey, gives you instruction along the way, and won’t let you stray from the path. Soon you have reached the summit. You feel elated. You’re not sure you would ever have got here without your guide, you couldn’t have done it without him. BizGain MD Neville Stein is a graduate of the world-renowned Coaching Academy. His training was second to none, and he can bring his experience and expertise as a coach to the table to ensure you reach your mountain top.

Training can be a very cost effective way to 'up skill' your employees and if delivered correctly will result in an immediate uplift in performance. We believe that we are expert trainers - that belief is based on consistently achieving an average 96.7% satisfaction rate in our training reviews. Why are we so good? Very simply we deliver training in a style that is appropriate to each client’s needs. We also we have fun but at the same time challenge, and we are able to work with people that have a wide range of abilities. Our training is also very popular because we do not use role play! We can train at your premises at a time that suits you or even organize an of site venue.