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Our outstanding Business services:
  • Disputes within an existing business or practice.
  • Disputes over an existing ownership or partnership agreement.
  • Conflicts with suppliers.
  • Any other kind of contract dispute.
  • Staff / personnel issues.

The benefits of Mediation to your business are:
  • Establishing a 'win-win' agreement which is acceptable to all parties to the dispute.
  • It costs significantly less than litigation.
  • It is usually far less stressful than going to court, not least because privacy is maintained.
  • The process is significantly quicker than litigation - so you can get on with running your business. Our aim is to resolve your dispute in a day or less.
  • It helps to maintain and even restore working relationships, whereas litigation can create more animosity.
  • You are totally in control of the agreement - the courts can impose a solution on you whereas the mediation process cannot.
  • Nothing discussed during the mediation process can be used outside of that process, so nothing can be used in a court.
What are the costs of mediation?

The costs associated with mediation depend on a number of factors, including the total amount in dispute, but they are generally split equally between the parties. If a neutral venue is required, the cost of this will also be split equally. To learn more about the process & costs, or to discuss whether mediation would be suitable for your case, email us with no obligations.